Our product suite includes every rung in the ladder of a product cascade with full appraisals at the top - down to the industry's best Automated Valuation Model at the bottom.

Value AVM is our state of the art online residential property valuation service.

Value AVM is used in all aspects of the valuation process for lenders, GSEs, mortgage brokers, mortgage servicers, investment bankers and mortgage investors as well as anyone who requires fast, reliable and cost-effective residential property valuations.

IVG's Interactive AVM (IAVM) is an extension of our Value AVM. It was designed for the expert user, such as a desktop appraiser, to take advantage of AVM technology but still apply his special knowledge of the subject property and surrounding neighborhood comparables.

The IAVM allows the user to review and overwrite the subject property information such as living area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, year built and land area. In addition the user has the capability to choose the specific comparables which are used in the Value AVM models. These can be selected by transaction date range, transaction type and geography. The user also has the option to reselect the comparables used and recalculate the value based on each new selection.

Finally, IVG's Commercial AVM was created to address a burgeoning need for monitoring property values, not just for mortgage loans but for estimating and updating total return estimates. Corporations and Investors can use our Commercial AVM to update property values as well as update portfolios of properties quickly and with just as much accuracy in aggregate as with the slower and expensive manual appraisal processes.

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