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What do I do if I have additional bandwidth to complete more appraisal assignments?
Contact IVG at 877-484-7311 and let us know. We will gladly adjust your capacity and coverage areas in order to make efforts to get you more volume.
What should I do if I am unsure how to write the report?
You should stop work immediately and contact IVG at 877-484-7311.  IVG will review and advise.
What should I do if the appraisal order type is different from what was confirmed at inspection?
You should stop and contact IVG immediately at 877-484-7311.  IVG will ask for photos and the property card and present to the client for a form change.
How do I dispute a revision request?
Contact the IVG QC Hotline at 619-383-2260 and/or send an email to overriderequest@ivaluationgroup.com.
What if I need help with a revision request?
Contact the IVG QC Hotline at 619-383-2260 and/or send an email to overriderequest@ivaluationgroup.com.
Do you offer direct deposit?
Direct deposit is not available at this time but it is something we are currently considering.
Are there any fees associated with your website used to process orders?
There are no fees associated with the processing of our orders.
Where can I find the client's engagement addendums or instructions for appraisal reports?
The client engagement addendums/report guidelines are provided to you in your document tree on the website for each order.
Do you allow trainees to complete orders?
Yes, as long as a supervising appraiser signs off on the trainee's report. Please get in touch with us if this is something you'd be interested in doing.
Who should I contact if I cannot login to my profile?
You can contact our vendor management team at docs@ivaluationgroup.com or call us at 877-484-7311.
What should I do if I am unable to access all areas of the property during my inspection?
Complete the inspection with the access that is provided. Contact your IVG representative and advise that all areas were not made available to you during the inspection and they will advise you on how to proceed. Do not make the report subject to re-inspection without approval from IVG.
What happens if the POC contacts me to schedule after the order cancelled?
Contact IVG at 877-484-7311.  IVG will reach out to the client.
What should I do if I get to the property and the contact does not show, allow access, or lock box does not work?
Please take photos of the front of the home and street.  Provide your Client Services Team Member the photos, and a trip fee will be process.
What should I do if a POC discusses value while scheduling over the phone or during the inspection?
Please contact IVG immediately at 877-484-7311.
What should I do if I accepted an appraisal order and can no longer complete the assignment?
Please contact IVG immediately at 877-484-7311.
How do I know what orders are paid in the check I receive?
The memo of each check will show the payable pay period (ie: 2/1/2021-2/15/2021). You then search those dates on the website under payables and you can view and export your orders to reconcile your books/accounting system on your end.
What if I have multiple appraisers in my firm, how do I reconcile those payments for my books?
Since each appraiser is set up individually by their license, you can search each appraiser's payables on our website and combine them together. You can also email docs@ivaluationgroup.com and request a check detail for the check you received.
If I forget my password to the system, how do I gain access or reset my password?
Email docs@ivaluationgroup.com or contact 877-484-7311 and ask for Vendor Management for assistance.

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