At International Valuation Group, we've built our business off what we feel is the single most important variable impacting our ability to perform and keep our client's customers as happy as we can - building lasting partnerships with our appraisers, brokers/agents, and inspectors all across the county.  These partnerships are not short term in nature nor are we on a quest to brag about having the largest panels in the industry.  Rather, we've built deeper relationships with fewer professionals in the field allowing us to have much higher rates of predictability in performance and execution to SLA. 

Here are a few of the benefits our Valuation Partners experience working with IVG:

  • Prioritization of Timely Payments - 1st and 15th Each Month, No Exceptions
  • Zero Group Assignment or Broadcast Style Placement Methods - IVG Direct Assigns 100% of our Orders
  • Your Fee, Not Ours - At Onboarding, we Collect Your Fee Schedule and That's What We Use
  • Trainees - IVG Not Only Encourages Use of Trainees, We Offer Incentives to Use Them.  Contact Us for More Details!
  • Open and Honest Communication - Direct Communication with Management and Escalation Staff
  • Best in Class Performance Management - Monthly Scorecards, Coaching Letters and Calls, Opportunities to Grow Your Business 

We focus our energy on serving your needs above all else.